Музычны падкаст
Legendary Grooves
Падкаст аб funk, soul, disco і boogie ад Anton Stwone.
Guest Mix: Cannelle
"In this set, I wanted to make a mix between disco sounds from all eras and especially play between recognized and lesser-known tracks for disco fans! Hope you will enjoy it, let's groove! "
Cannelle is a passionate fan of '70s to the '90s music, originally from France, and offers groovy DJ sets featuring mainly Disco, Funk, Soul and Boogie. Based in Paris and Montreal, he has played in Europe and North America at Disco festivals and events, where he has warmed up for DJs such as the Patchoulis Brothers, Voyage Funktastique... He runs a monthly disco club in Montreal called Discovery and the Discovery Cannelle channel on Soundcloud. Cannelle is just starting production and has released an EP of edits under the name «Spicy Edit», check out his page @cannelle-project
Guest Mix: Chris Wheatley
This time we have skilled DJ from Bournemouth, England - Chris Wheatley aka @funkymusak with a golden classics blend. Enjoy! Chris started collecting House Music and DJ'ing in the early 90s, and discovered Boogie and Disco towards the end of the 90s. In this mix some his favorite Boogie records, also threw in some Italo Disco and Modern Soul near the end. «I’ve been collecting records for over 30 years and supported the likes of Dave Lee, Kenny Dope, Greg Wilson, Horse Meat Disco, Craig Charles, Dimitri from Paris, Nightmares on Wax and Roy Ayers. Over the years I've released music which has been featured on Radio 1 in the UK and signed to multiple compilations across genre. I'm also a Record Dealer and can be found buying and selling at record fairs, alongside my eBay and Discogs online store under the name Funkymusak.» 🖌Art @khvooostov
#040 with Demon Drakon
Снова в эфире подкаст Legendary Grooves, в этот раз в гости к Антону зашел музыкант, блогер и начинающий диджей Demon Drakon. Дима записал специальный микс с "Junkshop Glam" гаражным панком и рассказал о своих музыкальных проектах, блогерстве в ТикТоке и начале пути в диджеинге. TikTok: demondrakon Art: Khvooostov Beat в подложке: Maxgreat
Guest Mix: AYS
🚨New Special Guest on the podcast! @aysdj 🚨

 «I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I’d like to make a mix that contains more slow music sinds we’re living in a world where the music is hard and fast. The music in the mix is in my opinion also suitable for dancing. Mix has late 70’s / early 80’s, soul and disco music (my fav genre)» Ays began DJing and collecting at the same time, with her first listening DJ set in October 2021 and her first club set in February 2022. Before that, she had several records, but she was not into collecting as she is now. She started DJing after seeing an ad for a DJ audition kit and became interested in it because she had once performed as a singer in an audition setting. After that, she practiced as a DJ (every day). "So the passion has really exploded in the last two years and now we need more space in the living room for records😅" https://www.instagram.com/aysiasmusic/
Guest Mix: Zapata
Back with a new special guest mix from Zapata. 
For 20 years he has been DJing and collecting vinyl. It's very eclectic when he mixing so you'll be listening to different genres ranging starting from caribbean flutey disco passing through electro feelings, modern and old Napoli sound, tropical boogie, funky flavoured modern disco, italo disco, classic synth-pop, experimental electronic music and african kwaito. 
 https://soundcloud.com/emiliano_85 https://www.instagram.com/zapataaaaa__________/
Guest Mix: Blaster B
New Guest on the podcast! Blaster B with mighty old school electro funk mix! «I’m a DJ from Lausanne/Switzerland. I'm collecting and spinning records for almost two decades now. Hip-Hop first introduced me to the turntables during my teen years around the age of 15. Since then, Can't Stop Won't Stop… My inspirations are fully 80's, from early rap/breaks, to electro funk. I like to pay tribute to the Old School and relate some kind of story in my mixes.» Since 2010, he’s rocking the local clubs. He’s a former member of the Swiss crew/label KLH MUSIC which has worked with artist like Onyx, Xp or The Beatnuts and he is now an active member of The CHOSEN FEW Crew. Blaster B has an impressive track record, including gigs with headliner such as Kurtis Blow, Shabazz The Disciple, Big Daddy Kane, Stretch Armstrong, Pharoahe Monch, Maylay Sparks and Egyptian Lover. https://soundcloud.com/blasterbtcf https://www.instagram.com/dj_blaster_b/
Guest Mix: Mark Torkington
We’re thrilled to share with you our newest Guest Mix featuring Mark Torkington From Manchester (UK).
 «In the late 90s I fell into hip hop and I was very lucky to be offered a part time job working at Manchester’s Fatcity Records shop where the musical mix of hip hop and all its influences got me hooked. Over the years I rose to managing the shop, contribute to their Mystic Brew compilation albums and hold down a residency at their infamous eclectic Friends and Family parties in Manchester with guest spots elsewhere in the UK and Europe. Alongside this I also worked on my own club night Searchin’ based around funk and soul music, C’mon Feet focusing more on hip hop as well of promoting a series of charity fundraiser festivals for the Mine Action Group working to eradicate landmines.
As you can hear from the mix it starts off slow and low but builds with a bit of crossover and a hint of Northern Soul. I often think my love of the more obscure soul comes down to the influence of these guys like Richard Searling and etc. I t was just the tempo that didn't go with my hip hop stuff! As per my instagram posts - its not all super rare and big money 45s though - plenty of cheap heat…»
Guest Mix: Pyaterka
New guest mix from @pyaterka
 «I’m a Belarusian guy from Minsk, currently staying in Tbilisi, Georgia. Disco from around the globe — that’s my jam! The geography of the tracks and edits in the mix is vast, offering all sorts of disco from Georgia, Armenia, India, Iran, Greece, Africa, Canada, and the USA. I’ve been collecting records for 8 years, actively DJing for the recent four, making parties in Minsk, Gomel, Grodno for two years and currently spreading disco vibes in Tbilisi.»
Guest Mix: Semi - Detached Disco
First episode in this year! Cool Disco & Boogie seliction from https://soundcloud.com/semidetachedcloud «We are two guys from Manchester, UK. Living in Amsterdam. We've been collecting records since the 1990s and DJing in Amsterdam for the past 8 years. This mix takes you on a journey from mellow boogie/funk to high tempo classic disco, with a bit of Afro in between. A whole night in one hour. Some favourites from this mix: Alicia Myers - Here's the Ticket: Such a mellow and warm groove. Richie Weeks - I've been there before: You can't help but move to this bassline.»
#034 Anton Stwone Modern Funk Special
Special Modern Funk selection by @anton-stwone

 «This year there were many guest mixes and other projects that I spent most of my time on. And now it's time to present my selection. This is my mix dedicated to the Modern Funk scene, a small part of my favorite tracks, the compilation from which I have been pulling since August is now available on Soundcloud.»
Guest Mix: Javi Frias
«Hi, I'm Javi Frias from Madrid (Spain). I've done a mix with some of my favorite 45’s of Disco, Funk, Boogie and Soul. Feel good music to make you dance and smile. Hope you enjoy it! I've been collecting and playing records since the late nineties, so more than 20 years doing what I love.»  @javi-frias is a DJ and producer of underground disco. He began collecting and playing records at the end of the nineties in Madrid, his hometown, and since then he has not stopped traveling with his bag through many venues all around his country and Europe. In the past few years he has begun to make noise at international level thanks to his edits and reworks, published a handful of EPs and singles on labels like Street Edits, Giant Cuts, Disco Pocho, Midnight Riot, Boogie Café or Bons Records. In 2017 he started his own label Night Shift Records, devoted to edits and reworks of disco and house, where he has released in vinyl and digital his own productions and occasionally the work of other fellow producers. He is currently resident DJ and booker of Discotizer, the best disco, boogie and house weekly party in Spain taking place every Friday at Marula Café Madrid, where he has invited and shared the decks with artists like Louie Vega, Joey Negro, Danny Kirivit, Eli Soul Clap...
Guest Mix: Funkyjaws
@funkyjaws is a DJ, producer and owner of his own label. His sound is a mix of disco funk, jazz samples, Latin American rhythms with African percussions. Sergey lives in Grodno, makes great music and gets it released on American and European labels such as Shadeleaf Music, Kolour LTD, Craft Music и Pusic. This mix is a story, a story of a mesmerizing journey. It’s not just a selection of bangers — it progresses from start to finish. Beautiful eclectic music compelation with its unique vibe. Tune in, it’s time to set off!
Guest Mix: Hiko Disco
Fresh grooves on podcast from https://soundcloud.com/hikodisco «I am a French record collector and Oslo based DJ, formerly from Paris. I dig any kind of music, looking for the « good shit », as long as there is groove and / or soul in it. Basically from Gospel to House music. As I believe daylight afternoon parties are the best, I built up the mix for Legendary Grooves to be played at an early afternoon party: from slow to mid-tempo Soul Disco, Funk, Jazz-Funk, Afro, Disco, Boogie. I have been collecting music for around 10 years, sometimes DJing here and there, but it is only since moving to Oslo recently that I started posting tunes from my collection on IG @hiko_disco and DJing regularly.»
Guest Mix: Cool Raul
New episode of Legendary Grooves featuring Cool Raul from Alameda, California with all original 12"s . 
«What you will hear is a short description of who "Cool Raul" is. From Jazz Funk, 80s Rap to Anime Soundtracks. I don't really consider myself a "Dance" DJ, but if I was forced to... this is what you would get lol. I got my 1st turntable and a Dirtstyle scratch record at age 15. I was grew up on the turntablist side of vinyl culture and spent my time digging for jazz loops and underground rap 12"s. As I've gotten older, 45s have been latest addiction.» 

Guest Mix: Frankie Fortyfive
New guest Francesco Argento aka DJ Frankie Fortyfive from Rome. Presents his mixed selection of Funk & Disco 7" singles from the 70s and early 80s. «I’ m collecting records from the late 70s when I started to DJing but in the 80s I got a job in a Shipping Company and i had to stop my dj activity (not the collecting...) In recent times I became a member of The Forty Five Kings Collective and I'm back behind the console with live gigs in Roman Clubs and for special events like Vinyl Conventions and Exhibit... and for live streaming... I'm back on the right track!!!» https://www.instagram.com/djfrankiefortyfive/
Guest Mix: The Last Days Of Pompeii
Hey guys this is the @thelastdaysofpompeii from Edinburgh in Scotland. In my mix I’ve kept it strictly Boogie, Boogie Funk and Street Funk. In terms of the records I’ve pulled out it’s, rare grooves, classic hits and cuts and bargin bin bangers. My back ground is as a drummer and musician - that’s what I studied and worked as for around 15 years. I’ve always had decks and collected records but put this project together around 3 years ago. As “The Last Days of Pompeii” I produce, DJ perform and now cut records! The mix was super fun to put together-hope you dig the vibe! https://www.instagram.com/__thelastdaysofpompeii/ -------- Glass - What’s Your Name AM-FM - You Are The One Barry Helafonte - Marina Funk Loose Ends - Hangin On A String JM Black - Lipstick Donna Allen - Serious Rene and Angela - I’ll Be Good Shaft - Hot Wax Lace - Can’t Play Around Larry Wu - Let Me Show You The Limit - Crimes of Passion Armenta - I Wanna Be With You Dayton - We Can’t Miss Fire Fox - Fire Ozone - Strutt My Thang Midnight Star - Midas Touch Ago - For You Finis Henderson - Skip To My Lou Razzamatazz - Lets Git Closer B.B. & Q Band - Imagination Carmen - Time To Move Harvey Mason - On & On
Guest Mix: Sunny Groove
«Hi everyone! I am Daniele aka SunnyGroove from Perugia (Italy) and for the past 15 years I have been passionate about the 60s and 70s, especially original vinyls with a diameter of 7 inches. In my city I am the founder and organizer of the "Sympathy for the vinyl" , event that once a month I mainly call italian collector DJs , and I am also co-organizer of "Hot mod summer on the lake", an annual event on the shores of Lake Trasimeno. As a genre of music I love soul, garage, psychedelic, freakbeat, jazz, and I like to mix all of that. In this mix I propose a small selection of soul, r’n’b and funk...enjoy it!»


Guest Mix: Gil Masuda
«Hi, my friends in Minsk! My name is Gil Masuda from Love Touch Records. My parents are from Japan but I'm born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I'm excited to share this mix with you. It's just a random vinyl mix of some music staples I play when I'm DJ'ing. I work as a professional DJ and music producer/engineer.  I've been DJ'ing and collecting records for 30 years and producing music for 27 years now. I started as a hip hop DJ/Producer, but quickly gained an interest in funk and boogie music. Now I primarily collect and play funk and boogie. I started https://soundcloud.com/lovetouchrecords in 2019 with a focus on 7" singles but will start releasing albums in the next year. I hope you enjoy my mix!» https://www.instagram.com/gil.masuda/ https://www.instagram.com/lovetouchrecords/ https://www.instagram.com/thepreciouslos/ -------- GLENN JONES - LOVE INTENSITY JOCELYN BROWN - I WISH YOU WOULD MAXINE SINGLETON - DON'T YOU LOVE IT MAJOR HARRIS - ALL MY LIFE BOBBY NUNN - SHE'S JUST A GROUPIE CANDYE - LOVERBOY THE LIMIT - SHE'S SO DIVINE SINNAMON - I NEED YOU KNOW ANGELA BOFILL - SOMETHING ABOUT YOU CANDY BOWMAN - I WANNA FEEL YOUR LOVE CARRIE LUCAS - ROCKIN' FOR YOUR LOVE ALFONZO - DON'T STOP THIS FEELING DECO - LET THIS BE YOUR NIGHT ENCHANTMENT - SOMEBODY'S LOVING YOU FRANCE JOLI - YOUR GOOD LOVIN'
#025 with DJ Gulfstream
В этот раз на гостевой эпизод в студию с сумкой пластинок заглянул @dj-gulfstream . Его сеты и скретч запилы вы могли не раз слышать в шоу Thank Plato It’s Friday, как Dj Alexis поддерживал за вертушками и скретчил для таких МС и коллективы, как Сказочник, MNSK, Alltypes. Для подкаста Лёша записал специальных фанковый микс и побеседовал со мной о начале пути в диджеинге, хип-хопе, периоде становления вкуса и пластинках.
Чэк-чэк, гэта ж плэер! Выбірай эпізод падкаста з каталога і пагналі.